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Acupuncture and Physiotherapy What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that the use of acupuncture needles into specific points in the human body can stimulate a life force known as ‘Qi’. It is believe that pain and problems within the body are a result of the ‘Qi’ being stagnant or blocked. Research shows that acupuncture can stimulate the brain to stimulate the body’s own natural pain relieving chemicals as well as enhancing blood flow to promote tissue healing and reduce pain/inflammation. Does Acupuncture work? Acupuncture doesn’t work for everybody and it also cannot be used to treat all conditions. Acupuncture effects are cumulative and the pain relieving effects are built up as treatments are progressed. Some individuals respond rapidly others may take more time. Why a Physiotherapist? Physiotherapists can combine both traditional physiotherapy treatment techniques with acupuncture. This combined treatment approach often has good outcomes.  Is acupuncture safe? Only pre sterilised single use disposable needles are used. All physiotherapists providing acupuncture have undergone Post Graduate training, which they must maintain by attending regular training updates, to ensure all treatments offered are up to the required standard of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. A trained physiotherapist will go through a brief consent form with you to make sure you are suitable to have this treatment adjunct. It’s advised that you have a little something to eat and drink prior to attending your appointment. It’s also advised if you are unwell for example with a cold or flu that you rearrange your appointment. What Should I Expect? Following a full assessment of your symptoms a treatment plan will be discussed. Part of this plan may involve acupuncture. If acupuncture is chosen and agreed then a consent form is then completed. Depending on where the needles need to be applied will depict the position you will be required to rest in. Common positions chosen are sitting or lying. Acupuncture treatment times vary and depend on your needs. Often needles are not left in for any longer than 30minutes. Most people often want to know if acupuncture will hurt. When the needles are inserted different people report different sensations. There should not be pain but sometimes people report a mild discomfort. If you do feel pain you need to tell your therapist immediately.

Should you have any other questions or if you require further information regarding acupuncture please do not hesitate to contact Jane Cooper (Head to Toe Physio) on 07849868465 0r head2toephysio@hotmail.com

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